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Fashion Photography – 3 Basic Questions Answered for Beginning a Career in Fashion Modelling

June 22nd, 2011 modelrecruituk No comments

A Fashion Photography studio is the best place to visit in order to see if you would like a career as a model.

You may have been to a portrait photography studio before to have some family photos done when you were younger but even if you have it’s always worth popping along to one to make some enquiries and do some research on the subject.

1 What to look for in choosing your first photographer

Photographers Style

Most photographers will have the technical skills to understand camera settings and lighting. However, you need to find a photographer that you think has a good style, an appreciation of fashion and is up to date with all the latest trends to get the necessary shots you need for your portfolio.

A simple meeting with a photographer will give you the opportunity to see their work and discuss how the shoot will take place and maybe even a quick rehearsal.

Model Portfolio

Basically it’s your CV to showcase what you can do as a model and is just about the most important single thing a Fashion Model owns and you will need to update it regularly as time goes by.

There are many different pictures in a portfolio and a good agent or anyone involved in Fashion Photography will help you put one together but as a good starting point it you should contain:

  • Head Shot in colour
  • Head Shot in Black & White
  • A ¾ Body Shot
  • A Full Body Shot
  • 2 or 3 Shots wearing Different Outfits in Different Locations
  • A Bikini Shot
  • An Arty Type Shot
  • At least One Casual Shot
  • A Formal Business Type Shot

Vary the poses so that the portfolio isn’t boring and demonstrates your versatility.

Model Release forms

Most photographers will require you to sign a Model Release Form but please don’t be afraid of them as they are quite normal and there to protect both parties.

2 How to choose the right agency

A model agency is the link between you and the fashion industry itself. However, some smaller more regional model agencies also work with larger city agencies

The agency is responsible for booking models and finding work for them, whilst taking care of their interests in negotiating fee rates, getting test shots organized and putting together your model portfolio.

The agent will earn a percentage of the model’s fee that they charge for their services to the designer or ad agent.

Choosing the right modelling agency for you is critical, so do your research and choose an agent wisely. A good one will help guide and market your career and is probably the easiest and best way to get yours moving.

Before you decide which agency to go with check out a few to see what reputation they have for looking after models and how advertising agents view them.

Meet with a few and don’t be afraid to discuss rates and other financial benefits they will undertake on your behalf.

3 Do I have Fashion Modelling potential?

OK there is no hard and fast rule but the following sizes are a guide:

Female Models should ideally be aged between 15 to 22 years and preferably no shorter than 5ft 8in tall with an average weight of between 108 to 125 lbs. Male models are normally expected to be aged between 18 to 25 years and of a height ranging from 5ft 11ins to 6ft 2ins and a fit healthy look with a weight of 140 to 165 lbs.

Having said all that, this is only a rough guideline as Kate Moss is only 5ft 7ins so exceptions are made in Fashion Photography

Practice Modelling in the mirror

Practice & Knowledge are your two best allies. There is so much information around in loads of magazines and on TV that you should take the time to really study and learn what the best in the fashion business are doing as far as posing and walking down the catwalk.

Then get a big mirror and practice but do experiment with different styles, makeup, clothes, hair, facial expressions, emotions, poses and movement. That way when you go to your photo shoot you’ll have a range of poses to keep your pictures interesting.

Being yourself

The best pictures will be when the model is just being themselves. Trying to impress can often produce strange looking shots so don’t try to be sexy or cute.

Having a range is very important in fashion photography, as it’s difficult to create a model portfolio with just one pose or look.

Don’t try to starve yourself before a shoot, eat a sensible diet and drink water as skin always looks far healthier if it is hydrated properly.

And if you found that interesting and useful why not have a look at our other articles on Model Portfolio and Portrait Photography which should give you some related information I’m sure you’ll find useful. Ian Jillings is the owner of where he provides Photography tips and resources.

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