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Become a Fashion Model – Catwalk Model

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Become a Fashion Model, Catwalk Model

Can you be a fashion model or catwalk model? – Apply to be a fashion model and get your free fashion model evaluation!

For when being anything short of uber chic isn’t an option fashion modelling is the industry’s most revered type of modelling.

As a fashion model you will appear in magazines/newspaper editorials and you might be chosen to be in a catwalk show. Fashion models can promote clothes and accessories to customers, the media and to fashion buyers. Fashion models appear in catwalk shows or in photographs for magazines, advertising campaigns, newspapers and look books.

During a catwalk show the fashion models will move along the catwalk, walking and turning to display clothes in front of an audience. In photographic and advertising a fashion model will pose for photographers in a studio or on location and follow directions from the photographer. A fashion model works closely with stylists, hair and make-up artists, producers and directors. However, fashion modelling is not always as glamorous as it seems. A fashion model will also spend much time going to castings for jobs, keeping in contact with the fashion model agency and looking after his/her appearance.

Designers, photographers and magazine editors will all choose their models from a fashion model agency and there are agencies set up specifically to cater to the fashion industry. Most models are self employed and obtain work through their agents. As a fashion model, you will need to spend and invest wisely. For many, the work is irregular, and some models need additional jobs to make a full-time living. Although work opportunities are increasing, modelling is highly competitive with many applicants for each job. The Association of Model Agents (AMA) will provide you with a list of reputable fashion model agencies.

Once you have been accepted by a modelling agency, you will usually be given some training in basic walks, turns and poses, photographic modelling techniques, diet and health, skin care and grooming and how to work with agents. Some model agencies will even provide you with a few test shots (professional photographs) that will help start your portfolio to take with you on castings.

Reality, Can I Make it as a Fashion Model?

In an ideal world we would all be at least six feet tall with slender bodies and immaculate looks. The fashion model is the depiction of the fashion designers preference (tall slim girls and six feet tall muscular or slim toned men) and therefore will posses physical attributes that are out of the norm.

There are no set entry requirements into fashion modelling but an excellent appearance and personality are necessary. There is no set upper age limit however fewer jobs are available for people over 30.

There are many different types of modelling to suit a varied style of looks, but to be a fashion model the Association of Model Agents (AMA) recommends that you should have the following measurements:

Females: bust-waist-hip measurements of no more than 34-24-34 inches (86-61-86cms) and height of at least least five feet eight inches (1.72m).

Males: 38-40 inch (97-102cm) chest, 30-32 inch (76-81cm) waist, and height of at least six feet (1.83m).

Exceptions to this rule include Kate Moss (five feet six and a half) and  Devon Aoki (five feet five inches), proving that having the right ‘look’ can go a long way towards succeeding in fashion modelling. Designers and fashion photographers tend to prefer taller models. This is usually because sample dresses cut for the runway are usually made to fit a standard size and height and it is much easier to choose the model to fit the dress than it is to re-size the clothes to fit the model. Although there are exceptions to the rule it is more likely that you will have success as a fashion model if you fit the standard.

In the world of fashion modelling working hours are very flexible and often irregular. The work schedule of a fashion model is likely to include early starts and late finishes and may also include weekends. Work is often physically demanding, involving long periods of standing, walking and holding poses. A fashion model will not always work in photographic studios but will also be expected to perform on outdoor locations in all weathers.

If you succeed, a career in fashion modelling can be highly rewarding with the chance to meet the best professionals in the industry, with opportunities to appear on the covers of top fashion magazines and promote top brands’ products, the possibilities are endless.

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